OPC Workflow 2.0 Released

OPC Workflow 2.0 introduces more powerful plugins and better debugging capabilities.


Who are we?

Bluxware is a small software company wit a core mission is to make it simple to interconnect the various systems found in most modern production facilities. Our goal is to produce software that enables you to interface between all of your systems seamlessly, without any programing and using a single platform. We believe that OPC Workflow does just that.

What is our product?

OPC Workflow is our multi-purpose workflow application focusing on simplifying communication between IT systems and Automation systems such as PLCs, DCS Systems and various other types of equipment.

Why is it different?

OPC Workflow makes it easy to develop, manage and document even the most complex interfaces between IT systems and industrial automation systems. Workflows are designed via an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, and workflows are running on a rock-solid Workflow engine. OPC Workflow implements easy to use debug and testing functionality, making it the obvious choice for even the most complicated and custom communication workflows. Custom code can be added via plugins.


Not sure if OPC Workflow fits your needs? Need a plugin to support 3rd party system?

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